OrcaTorch D810 dive light

Lighting the beautiful underwater world- OrcaTorch D810 dive light

Take nothing away except for the photos, leave nothing expect for the footsteps.

Scuba divers, by and large, love the ocean. And as a natural consequence of that, the best way to provide a memento of the beautiful underwater world is to take a good picture.

It is worthy of note that the pictures taken underwater will look washed out without the compensation for color loss.

This happened because light could be absorbed by water. The color will lost gradually with the increase of water depth.

Carrying a good quality dive light is necessary to help us to identify objects underwater. And OrcaTorch D810 diving flashlight with high quality and high power comes highly recommended.

OrcaTorch D810 diving flashlight can reach as high as 950 lumens output with one simple CREE XM-L2(U2) LED. This flashlight is light weight and small size powered by one 26650 battery with over 3 hours run time.The head mechanically rotary switch offers high reliability underwater and waterproof depth rated to 150 meters . It is a dive light with high output,reliability, portability.

In addition to these ,OrcaTorch D810 also provide options of UV (D810UV), Blue (D810B), Red (D810R),which meet more divers specialization and individualization requirements. 

OrcaTorch D810UV diving flashlight and OrcaTorch D810B diving flashlight is useful to excite organisms to exhibit bio-fluorescence.Look at the comparison photo before and after using OrcaTorch D810 UV dive light.

                                                                                                  (photo from Matt Stock Photography)

OrcaTorch D810 R not only offers a supplementary of the missing red lights underwater, but also helps photographers sneak up on your subject and focus for a great photo.

There are many uses for a dive light. Carrying OrcaTorch D810 as a primary light or a backup light on every dive is necessary.

Red starfishes, soft corals and lovely angelfishes...the underwater world is so amazing.Go diving with OrcaTorch D810 dive light.

                                         (photo from Matt Stock Photography)