Review-OrcaTorch T11 military flashlight

Review-OrcaTorch T11 military flashlight 

 BY Bc412 in BLF

Orcatorch was kind enough to send 2 of the T11 flashlights to me. One of them is going to be torture tested a little later in the week, but wanted to upload my findings on performance and construction here.


Manufacturers specs:

Package Included:

1. 1*Flashlight:Orcatorch T11 six modes white light flashlight

2. 1*AA unrechargeable battery

3. Accessories:1* lanyard

4. 2*Waterproof O-ring

1*belt clip


Product Parameter:

Lamp type: Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED

Working voltage:0.8-3V

Lumens (brightness) and battery life: Turbo(190lumen with runtme 2.6h)-High(80lumen with runtime 7.6h)-Middle(30lumen with runtime 19.8h)-Low(10lumen with runtime 60h)

Mode or stalls: Six modes(Turbo-High-Middle-Low-Strobe-SOS)

Irradiation distance: 106M (347feet)

LED runtime: 50,000hours

Using Battery: One AA battery (note torch operating voltage range)

Waterproof level: IP68, can prevent rain and living water

Size: 104.6mm(Length) x 25mm(Head Diameter) x 23mm(Tail Diameter)

Flashlight Weight: 55g (excluding battery)

Body Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum with high hardness, light weight

Surface Technology: Type III military hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish with high strength and good wear resistance

Class: Toughened glass with anti-reflective coating

Cup: Aluminum alloy material, strong impact and scratch resistant, anti-aging, good fire resistance


My Lumen testing using the ceiling bounce method shows very similar numbers to the advertised lumens.

the light is very competitive with other AA lights as far as brightness and mode spacing.

Bear in mind while looking at these graphs that I am measuring Lux, not lumens. The lights have different hot spot brightnesses. This is just to show the performance of the light over time compared to others, it is not a measure of lumens. Once again it is very competitive with the competition.



T11 – 103 min

Thrunite T10 – 120 min

Thrunite Archer 1A – 110 min

Thorfire TG06 – 110 Min

Olight S15 – 70 MIn


T11 – 120+

T10 – 120+

TG06 – 100 min

Archer 1a – 50 min


The T11 posts some impressive runtimes for the AA platform. It has pretty similar runtimes for Alkaline and NIMH which is great. Very happy with the performance of the light. It definitely outperforms the TG06 and Olight S15, however the T10 gives it a run for the money. The NIMH test also shows very good regulation.



So lets start out by saying this light is glued at the head. You can see from the pictures it appears like they used Red Loctite. At the head end there are brass contacts to mate with the battery. At the tailswitch there is a nice stout coated spring and a retaining ring holding the switch and electronics in place. Reverse clicky tailswitch. The threads were lubed and are very smooth. Knurling and anno seem great. Bezel is also glued. It has a crenulated Bezel and a smooth reflector. The pocket clip is very strong, and you need pliers to even remove them from the light. They are not reversible. The pocket clip is also appropriate depth on the flashlight. Travels in the pocket very well. The light does tailstand, but it is wobbly.

Overall if you take everything into consideration it looks as though Orcatorch did a great job putting this together. I don’t see any issues with the fit or finish and this thing seems rock solid.


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